FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also offer maintenance for coffee machines?

Yes, in addition to repairs, we also offer coffee machine maintenance, cleaning and other services. Feel free to contact us and we will show you what options there are.

How much does a coffee machine repair cost?

This question is difficult to answer in general terms. The amount of labor and any cost of replacement parts are key factors that affect the price, which is why we evaluate each request individually.

For maintenance orders, we work with fixed prices. Depending on the model, minor maintenance work is possible from as little as EUR 69 and complete maintenance from EUR 108.

In which catchment area is the pick-up service valid?

Our team carries out coffee machine repairs and maintenance in the city center of Munich. For a surcharge of 30 euros, we can conveniently pick up your coffee machine from your home and deliver it back to you after the order has been completed.

For logistical reasons, however, this service is only possible within a radius of 10 - 15 km from our workshop in Munich Trudering. Do you live further away and still want to have your coffee machine repaired by us? Then send us your machine by post.

Do you also repair other brands apart from the machines from the manufacturers mentioned?

Please send us an inquiry about this. We check whether a service is possible for your machine.

Do you also repair capsule machines and coffee pad machines?

No, capsule machines and coffee pad machines cannot be repaired. The idea of ​​sustainability is very important to us, which in our opinion is not fulfilled with this type of construction.

When will I get my machine back?

Most repairs and maintenance can be completed within a week. With a high volume of orders or restrictions in the supply chain for special spare parts, it can sometimes take a few days longer.

Do I get a loan machine during the repair?

We are currently unable to provide you with a rental machine while your coffee machine is being repaired.